MasterTrak™ is built on years of experience in the document tracking industry. The system workflows and functionality are highly refined and are designed specifically for the tracking of folders, storage boxes and similar assets. Input from our many MasterTrak customers is constantly incorporated to refine the identification, tracking, and management processes.

With the available MasterTrak RFID Kiosks, you will receive the most efficient Check-In/Check-Out stations on the market. With the addition of handheld computers to the MT system, you enable validated storage and put-away functions. MasterTrak is a data repository for your items that continually tracks where an item is located or who has it.

Many companies spend large amounts of capital and a countless number of hours looking for misplaced, lost, and stolen assets. MasterTrak solves these issues by allowing for companies and users to easily and efficiently find and locate various assets via either barcode or RFID-enabled labels and either a handheld or desktop scanner. By tagging each of their assets, companies and users can ensure that the assets in question stay in their assigned area.

MasterTrak Essential can be purchased as a stand-alone software solution or a fully bundled system. Each system will be packaged and sold as a bundled system specific to work processes and data input hardware. The goal is to deliver a standardized, easy-to-implement system that meets the defined business needs of each client. The packages below are our “Shrink-wrapped” systems preconfigured to popular uses in the industry.



  • Knowledge of folders and boxes you have, and where they are located
  • Significant reduction in manual business processes through automation
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of tracking thousands of items with speed, efficiency, and accuracy impossible to achieve with manual methods
  • Increased Security and Accountability
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Improved utilization due to readily accessible location Information


MasterTrak is…

  • Scalable To Your Needs – Depending on your needs, MT can be implemented using barcode labels (smaller installations), or RFID labels (larger installations where it’s critical for exact location tracking in a quicker manner).
  • Quick Return On Investment (ROI) – Files and records will be found much more quickly and efficiently allowing for workers to spend less time looking for what they need and more time working on their given tasks.
  • Tracking & Auditing Through MT – Using MT, users can easily track the location of their files and even take it a step further by conducting audits, ensuring that each file has been accounted for and is in the proper location.
  • Full Technical Support & Install* – Our professional sales and technical support teams will help you every step of the way (installation, training, and technical support), enabling you to concentrate on your business and not the software.
  • Free Software Updates* – As MT software is updated to make it easier to use, add new features, and patch issues any issues, users will receive these updates at no cost.

*Technical Support and Upgrades are provided free of charge with the yearly maintenance contract.