Barcode and RFID with Hybrid Capability

MasterTrak’s barcode and RFID tracking software allows for total item management systems on both an enterprise and a local level. Tracking is not just limited to inside the office environment. Evidence rooms, media vaults, financial institutions, legal entities, and government agencies can quickly implement a system to track anything and everything. Barcoding is perfect for line-of-site scanning, RFID for security and inventory in a fraction of the time barcoding takes.

The MasterTrak barcode system is best suited to those environments where each item is visible and must be touched at some point during archive or movement. Barcode is an inexpensive way to increase productivity and accuracy in any workflow. The package includes software, USB scanner, and on-demand labels as well as an optional portable handheld scanner.


The MasterTrak RFID system includes software, desktop RFID reader/writer, USB desktop scanner, and RFID-enabled labels as well as an optional portable handheld scanner.

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