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item intelligence

About EDP

EDP is a leader in the identification, tracking and management industry with advanced software engineering and manufacturing of pressure sensitive barcoded labels along with asset tracking systems, retail promotion and branding packages, design services, custom printing, on-demand print solutions and program installation and auditing services.   We started over 26 years as the market innovator and  leader  in the pressure sensitive barcode labels and RFID identification and tracking industries.


We provide industry solutions for a broad range of industries and work closely with resellers, end-users, and leading storage manufacturers with the highest quality products, software and support services.  We promote our brands through significant investment in printing technologies,  RFID hardware and software development.


EDP is a privately held company with production headquarters Broomfield, Colorado.  Our sales representatives, resellers, distributors and professional service teams are based throughout the country and EMEA.


EDP is an innovator in the field of records identification software with advanced workflow options to configure a system that adapts to your department and records management environment processes. A number of features can be configured to your needs to define storage zones (departments) and create kiosk stations for authorized users to set-up, check-in and check-out of folders. Automated document routing, database and retention setup, user settings and security rights are totally configurable as well.