Track Folders, Boxes, and Library Items

MasterTrak was originally developed to track folders, boxes and library items. After all these years, MasterTrak is still the #1 choice for file tracking regardless of whether it is being used to track hundreds or thousands of file folders or records. At EDP,  we understand the importance of these folders and the contents inside them. Data inside folders can range from student information at a school, patient information at a physician’s office, tax information at an auditor’s office, and many other high-value, high-security information. MTE makes it more convenient to trace these files by allowing the user to track using barcode and/or RFID-enabled labels as well as stationary or mobile-handheld readers. In addition, MasterTrak allows you to print high quality, color-coded labels directly from the MT software to your printer, eliminating the need for individual label tabs and offering highly specialized labels with images, text, year bands and barcodes to be printed.

The tracking of boxes during archiving as well as relocation of storage boxes to other areas can be a daunting task. Many companies spend large amounts of capital and a countless number of hours looking for misplaced, lost, or stolen information. MasterTrak (MT) solves these issues by allowing for companies and users to easily and efficiently find and locate these boxes by using either barcode or RFID-enabled labels and either a handheld or desktop scanner. By tagging each of the boxes, companies and users can track the boxes during the move to and from their assigned location(s). This allows for the validation of box location as well as the ability to quickly locate boxes during the process.


If your company has a Library of items such as; CDs, DVDs, Training Materials, Books, Drawings, etc. that are checked out to individuals, MasterTrak can help you manage and control these items. We have systems for attended or unattended libraries. From a simple value list and barcode system to an RFID system with biometric validation, we can provide the right tracking and management system to bring accountability to your Library. Designated storage locations and validated put-aways ensure you always know where your items are and who has them.


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